The ARROW Super Exhaust is a suction unit, which is mountable on a table-top for use along with any textile cleaning spray gun (Of course, we suggest use of either of our brands - Arrow, Wonder or Chokho). Place the stained garment over the suction unit of the super exhaust machine. Switch on the super exhaust and with the spray gun you spray over the garment or the fabric in a circular motion, to clear the stain. The main advantage of using this unit is that the operator is subject least to any of the dangerous fumes emitting out of the spray gun and it also reduces the chemical smell on the garments. The spray gun is suggested to be directly connected to this super exhaust machine itself. The suction unit and switch is designed in Stainless Steel, to give it a long rust-free life. The unit can be used continuous on either 110/220V AC, and its power consumption is very low - just about 90 watts of power. Your speed of cleaning stained garments should increase roughly by about 3 times, than trying to clean it without this unit !